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I have discussed complete Organic Chemistry with MODERN TEACHING METHOD and explained a lot of necessary concepts to understand the particular field. Topics discussed in this course: -Carbonyl Compounds -Carboxylic Acid -Aliphatic Compounds -Aromatic Compounds -Phenol -Alcohol -Alkyl Halide -Benzene -Nomenclatures I have to teach you from every aspect so I can make it easy for you. Wish You Best of Luck !

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Carbonyl compounds like Aldehydes & Ketones will be discussed in this section.

  • Preparation of Carbonyl Compounds 22min 28sec
  • Addition of Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 19min 10sec
  • Addition of Sodium Bisulphite 18min 35sec
  • Cannizzaro's Reaction 16min 28sec
  • Aldol Condensation 20min 32sec
  • Haloform Reaction 16min 5sec
  • Acid Catalysis 13min 54sec
  • Identification of carbonyl compounds part 2 37min 1sec
  • Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds 16min 46sec
  • Addition of Ammonia Derivatives 16min 57sec
  • Addition of Grignard Reagent 17min 32sec

In this session Reactions | Preparation | Theory | Properties many more of Phenol will be discussed.

  • Preparation of Phenol 7min 42sec
  • Reactions of Phenol due To Benzene Ring 14min 22sec
  • Why phenol is acidic in Nature?? 16min 3sec

This session is associated with Alcohol

  • Nomenclature of Alcohol 8min 14sec
  • Industrially Preparation of Alcohol 14min 1sec
  • Reactions of Alcohol due O-H and C-O 9min 37sec
  • Reactivity of Alcohol due C-O 9min 56sec
  • Reactivity of Alcohol due to O-H 14min 22sec

This section is connected with Alkyl Halides

  • Introduction of Alkyl Halide 4min 8sec
  • Nomenclature of Alkyl Halide 6min 0sec
  • Preparation of Alkyl Halide 4min 59sec
  • Reaction of Alkyl Halide 7min 45sec
  • Bimolecular Elimination Reaction E2 20min 36sec
  • SN2 Nucleophilic Substitution Bimolecular 21min 7sec
  • Reactivity of Alkyl Halide 8min 3sec
  • SN2 SN1 E2 E1 In One Lecture 9min 16sec
  • Why tertiary alkyl halide show SN1 and Primary SN2 20min 20sec
  • Grignard Reagent 7min 35sec

This session is dealing with basic aromatic compound

  • Introduction 4min 29sec
  • Nomenclature of Benzene 8min 5sec
  • Structure of Benzene 9min 0sec
  • Kekule's Structure 5min 29sec
  • Modern Theory of Benzene 6min 11sec
  • Halogination and Hydrogination of Benzene 3min 22sec
  • Preparation of Benzene 6min 43sec
  • Resonance Method 7min 23sec
  • Stability of Benzene 6min 11sec
  • Trend for Electrophile 8min 41sec
  • Sulphonation 5min 15sec
  • Friedel Craft Acylation 5min 55sec
  • Friedel Craft Alkylation 8min 14sec
  • Combustion and Oxidation of Benzene 6min 32sec
  • Ortho Para and Meta Directing Groups 6min 12sec
  • Nitration of Benzene 5min 44sec
  • Halogination of Benzene 8min 18sec
  • Side Chain Oxidation 3min 53sec

The important part of organic chemistry is discussed in this section

  • Preparation of Carboxylic Acid 24min 14sec
  • Formation of Ester 17min 37sec
  • Formation of Acet Amide 15min 34sec
  • Reactions of Carboxylic Acid due to Hydrogen Atom 9min 42sec
  • Reactions of Carboxylic Acid due to COOH 10min 55sec
  • Reactions of Carboxylic Acid due to OH 10min 51sec

In this section Alkane is disucssed

  • Nomenclature of Alkane 5min 59sec
  • Preparation of Alkane 13min 27sec
  • Reactivity of Alkane 8min 2sec
  • Introduction of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 5min 57sec

Alkene is discussed in this section

  • Preparation of Alkene 9min 59sec
  • Reactions of Alkene 15min 21sec

Alkyne is discussed in this section

  • Preparation of Alkyne 7min 20sec
  • Reactions of Alkyne 11min 41sec
  • Acidic Nature of Alkyne 5min 49sec
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Ali Bajwa

Head of Chemistry Department @ Bajwa Academy

I am Muhammad Ali Raza. I am very passionate about teaching & Chemistry is the tool to ace this passion.


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